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Good times...

I need to road trip more often. And I can't believe I said I didn't want to go.

Thursday night after I got home, Jim asks me if I want to go with him to visit his friend Scottie from school. Considering Jim's car was being poopy that night and I had told Ana that I'd chill with her on Sunday, I kinda didn't really want to go, but Jim was so insistant and I figured it would be something different to do, so I agreed.

So Friday I went to work and decided that I'd tell my parents I was going after I got home. I thought my parents weren't going to let me go but they had no problems with it which was pretty cool. So I packed my stuff, ate some dinner and headed over to Jim's house. Now I mentioned that Jim's car had been acting poopy the day before which was one of the reasons I didn't want to go. Jim goes to the gas station to get gas (duh) and to fill up his tires. When he went to turn the car back on...FFBBPPTT! Nothing! The car was dead and it was about 8:00 at night. Scottie's house is a three hour drive from where we were. Jim's mom brought a new battery, Jim hooked it up and we were on our way. About 100 miles into the trip his new battery starts going dead. Turns out that Jim's alternator died so we had to call a tow truck to get us the rest of the way. We didn't get to Honesdale until 12:00. When we got there, Jim called Scottie and he had apparently gone out which was kinda crappy considering what we went through to get up there. Realizing that we'd need to check into a hotel to spend the night in, the Hotel Wayne seemed like a good cheap spot. So I got a room for 60 bucks and after the lady handed me back my change, Jim's friend Devon from Kutztown was there, so I got my money back and he gave us a lift to where Scottie was and all was good...minus the cabin we slept in for the night and me waking up to Scottie puking his guts up from drinking whiskey. I can't understand how it could have been colder in the cabin than it was outside. It was freezing in the cabin and it was 70 something degrees outside. Jim, Scottie, John and I headed back to Scotties house which made me feel a whole lot better. Getting Jim's car to Scottie's house made me feel a whole lot better. Taking a shower and getting drunk later that night made me feel a whole fucking lot better. Jim and Scottie's dad went to the junk yard and got an alternator and on Sunday they put it in.

Watching the guys do that was kinda sucky so I went inside and slept all afternoon. Scottie's parents made one hell of an amazing dinner which I think we all needed. After that we showered and went out to Viv's house to drink some more. I got smashed again. After drinking three cups of rum and tonic John made me chug a cup of beer which, surprisingly, I did. Once we got back to Scottie's house a mug of beer sat before me and then I drank that, too. Just imagine the wastedness that was me.

I kinda didn't want to leave. It was a change of scenery and most of the people I met were cool as shit. I'd definitely go back up again.
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