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Ok so I had another weird dream last night. I'm really starting to think that I need to see a dream interpreter for this shit. It's fucking weird. Here it goes...

I actually got to hang out with my friends for once! We were chilling in this place. It was kinda like a Subway. We got salads and sanwiches and stuff. EVERYONE was there. All the old crew and stuff: Nicole, Drew, Kyle, Shannon, Jim, Bill, Trish, me, Burke, Ana, Scrappy, Cheryl and I think even Bri was there. We were all getting food, fucking around like old times. I was eating like a hog of course. Then I bought gum (Orbit bubble gum) and some other things. I don't really remember those as well as I remember the gum. I know one of the things was a drink, but what it was exactly I don't know. The other item might have been a bag of popcorn. Then all of a sudden we were on the Titanic. Yes, the food place changed from the food place into the Titanic. Neat, huh? So we're on the big boat and obviously it has to sink. So we're just sitting around waiting for it to happen thinking of ways we can get out. There were these two ropes just hanging down and if you pulled it this board would rise up and we'd of been able to get out. But if there was water in the place, it wouldn't have worked because it would have been to hard to pull out of the water. Hard to explain. It made perfect sense in the dream. Here's where my loserdom and the love of video games comes into play. I was the first one to be lifted on the stupid board thing and when you get to the top there's doors to get out. Well this dead ghost lady was there. She always haunted the place and she thought that this would be the perfect time to show her but ugly face. As soon as I saw her I started singing "OOOH HOOO WITCHY WOMAN!" and she didn't like that too much so she threw a hissy fit and we got into a battle! So she was being all ugly and trying to scare me away. That was her fighting tactic I guess. I, being the smart person that I am, threw my food at her. The bubble gum bounced off her head (score to me!), the popcorn just hit her shoulder and the soda bottle went down her shirt. C' awesome am I? I'm even awesome in my dreams! The ghost lady started cracking up when I got the soda down her shirt so she left me alone. Then when I turned around, Christopher Lloyd was sitting there with the other random celebrities that showed up. He told me he was God. Hear that everyone? Christopher Lloyd is God! Brad Pitt also proposed to Gwenyth Paltrow. They're getting married, for those of you who don't know.

My dreams have to mean something. If they're so detailed like that! Ok, maybe they don't mean crap. We watched Angels in the Outfield at work the other week, so I'm thinking that's where Christopher Lloyd = God comes into play. And I see Brad Pitt movies all the time. I watched Oceans 11 the other day over at Bobby's house. Gwen...I don't know where she came from. Maybe I secretly want the two together even though I can't stand her! Everyone has dreams like this, right?

Lisa I still have your Christmas present. Next time I come over or the next time you talk to me, remind me because I keep forgetting and it's really lame.
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