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OMG KEV I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I just had one hell of an awesome sauce day, and reading your comment just made it even better! I just survived the week from hell. Eight midterms in the span of a week! The only one I didn't do that good on was Small Animal Clinical and Emergency Procedures Lab, but then again that's because the teacher is an anal cunt rag. Haven't been doing much work because of school and all. They dicked me over at the daycare so I'm only working one day a week and fall/winter months are slow at the hospital, so they haven't really needed me. Because of having to wake up at 7 in the morning every day, I get so fucking tired at night. I'll try to stay up late this weekend so I can talk to you. Comment back and tell me how you've been and all that good stuff. //heart1!
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