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I feel like I haven't done crap for the past week. They sent me home from work on Monday and we were closed on Friday, so I haven't worked in a good while. Totally blows! I need to get my check. Not that I really need the money but it'd be nice to grab.

The class trip to VHUP on Tuesday wasn't too shabby. I was even thinking about getting a job there after I graduate. It doesn't sound like a bad idea at all. It's not lab work but I figured I have plenty of time to do lab work so I might as well get some experience in a hospital setting. Speaking of experiences, Centocor was taken so I decided that I'm going to do my externships at Bridgewater and Horsham. I only learned today that Horsham wasn't such a hot spot to do it at because apparently someone had a bad experience there. But it'll only be for six weeks and I don't plan on getting a job there anyway, so I really don't see it as a problem.

We got out of Psychology early because this girl had an epileptic seizure. I didn't know what to do. I guess there wasn't much I could do.

Yesterday's surgery went nicely. I was thinking of posting some pictures that I took. I had to do the Physical exam and lab work on the two cats. Dr. Busch got a male and female cat for each class so that we could do two surgeries and not have it be as hectic with two females. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depends on how you look at it) Dr. Busch took one look at her and decided she wasn't well enough to under go surgery. So we did the PE and blood work on her and gave her some fluids. This cat was so dehydrated that when we tested her hydration status, her skin just stuck up. It wouldn't go back in place. The way I see it though, if we did do surgery we would have gone over our time limit but not too much over. She was catheterized for fluids and that's the worst part of it all. Because of her condition, she would have gone down on anesthesia pretty fast and then all that would be left is the prep work and the surgery.

SOAPs were kinda funny. I got to do them with Lorie. Donna and Melissa from the other surgery lab were doing their SOAPs, too so Lorie and I kept looking off theirs as an example because we'd never done them before and we didn't want to fuck up because we get graded on them and all. Donna's cat broke a thermometer which was kinda funny.

When I got home last night my dad told me to go check the answering machine. Some practice called me and offered me a job. I have to call them tomorrow along with my two externship places. I have to remember to tell them that I can only do temp work because of my externships in the fall. I won't have time to do full time work at both places. I have to talk to the daycare, too because I won't be able to work there for 12 weeks in the fall.

Today was kinda fun. In Clinical Chem lab we got to play with water and food coloring again which wasn't really that great but I like playing with the toys we get to play with. The lab work is what I love doing. Not too keen on the clinical shit here.

In Lab Animal Lab we played with mice. I found out today that I'm not too keen on mice. No, I'm not saying that I am afraid of them, I just don't like working with them. They are way too wired and jumpy for my taste. We were given our own mice in their own separate containers and mine decided he was going to be a Mexican jumping bean and shoot out of the box. Brandy believes that the one female we have is pregnant which means we will have more mice to care for. More chow for the snakes, I guess. That's sort of depressing when you think about it. All that work with the little suckers fot them to become snake food. Anyone want mice at PETS? They're real real cute and they don't bite. I showed Brandy the picture of Gordon on the computer and she loved it and asked for a copy. So I let her have the one I had on me. If I really wanted the picture I could just print it out again anyway.

By Lab Animal lecture I just wanted to go the heck home. Ugh! Dr. Singleton was pretty funny today, though. He showed us a video and the TV menu came up with all this crap on it. And it said "Press Exit" on the screen and he couldn't find the "exit" button, so someone told him it was a touch screen and he started attacking the screen. It was funny...had to be there.
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