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It's not finished.

Today wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Hematology Lab: Had my final today. I didn't study and then once I got there I was told that it wasn't going to be open-note like it was last time. Naturally I panicked and missed a couple questions. I don't think I did too bad though.

Small Animal Lab: Oh this was just fucking ridiculous. We had our final again. Luckily she was in a much better mood for this test than she was for the last one. She was actually in a joking mood. We got in there and I noticed that on the chatheter identification section, she misspelled polypropylene. All of us went into our sections and like the midterm she gave us five minutes to practice the procedure and then we had to do it for her. I started with the Fine Needle Aspirate. When she came over to me, I has just pulled the needle out of the orange and I asked if I could finish the rest of my practice procedure before it was time for my actual test. She walked away saying "My you're so demanding today!" I got 10/10 points for my FNA. Next was the Mercury thermometer. I curse that thing. Wasn't sure what to put considering it was below the 96° mark. So naturally, I put 95.8°. She either gave me a 0/10 or a 6/10 for that one. I really couldn't read her writing, but I think it was a 6 because she wrote a 0 and then attached a little curved guy. So it's a 6 in my book! Not much to say about turning on the O2 machine. Earned a 10/10 for the machine. I got to the CPR station, but we were skipped when we got to that station because we were supposed to do it as a group. I so called it to. I was talking to Teresa when we were going over the stuff for the test and I was like, "Watch her make us do it as a group like she did when we went over it in lab." I'm so smart. When it was finally my turn to do the catheters, I organized them way she wanted. Dr. Busch came over, shoved the catheters completely out of formation and wrote "P-O-L-Y-P-R-O-P-Y-L-E-N-E" on the paper. She's like "Is that correct?!" and I was like "Yep!" She laughed and walked away. Then I reassembled my catheters and got another 10/10. Now, CPR was the best part of the whole test! She gave us 4 minutes to practice and then 1 minute to discuss with the group and give them feedback. After that minute was up, Dr. Busch walked over to the CPR dog, picked it up, and walked out of the room. Then she came running in screaming "OMG MY DOG'S NOT BREATHING! MY DOG'S NOT BREATHING!!!!" Then we intubated the dog and started doing CPR on it. Another 10/10. And I give Dr. Busch a 10/10 for her performace.

Small Animal Lecture: We got out really early today. That kinda sucked though because I was there from 1:30-4:30 doing nothing. Some poopyhead was away the whole time!

Hematology Lecture: Never thought angrily saying "No." would get me anywhere. We walked in and he had the projector set up like he was going to do a Power Point. It had "Estrus Cycle" as the title with a picture of two dogs in love on it. Denise was like, "What is going on? I want my guest speaker!" Teresa was ready to flip shit. She's like "IF WE GO OVER THIS I AM GOING TO BE SO PISSED. I'M SICK OF THE TEACHERS LYING TO US!" I told her to break his lap top. Mary suggested she take the light bulb out of the projector but I thought she should just take the whole projector. Then we decided it'd be funnier if we took the screen and hid it in the closet. Better yet, just have everyone start throwing desks around the room in a big riot. He came in and was like "Ok, since the guest speaker isn't here yet, we'll just go over the Estrus cycle until he gets here." What's the first thing that pops out of my mouth? A good solid "No." He's like "NO?!" and I'm just like "No." So he's like "Ok then we'll just go over things for the test." Yeah, well, we didn't really go over anything for the test. He just started babbling about some historical mumbo jumbo. Then the guest speaker came in. No clue what the guy was saying because I was too busy being ADD and daydreaming. I'm amazed I didn't fall asleep.
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