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Oh, these are interesting.

My personal comments on each of them will go below.

1. The Chrissy With The Hole.
Go figure. And on my first one.

2. I Wish I Were a Chrissy Weiner.

3. Chrissy Saves Your Soul.
Group picture, anyone?

4. Go On, Get Your Chrissy Out.

5. A Finger of Chrissy is Just Enough to Give Your Kids a Treat.
This was just hysterical considering I work at a daycare.

6. Schtop! This Chrissy is not Ready Yet!

7. Look For The Chrissy Label.

8. Chrissy Makes Everything Better.
It's so true!

9. Once You Pop, You Can't Stop Chrissy.

10. Chrissy: The Other White Meat.

11. Choosy Mothers Choose Chrissy.
Right Jen?!?!?

12. There's Always Room For Chrissy.
Damn straight, knee grow.

13. Time for a Sharp Chrissy.
And I never go dull!

14. A Smooth-Running Chrissy is a Relaxing Experience.
Oh shit! You have no idea!

15. Strong and Beautiful, Just Like Chrissy.
They said I could be a deodorant.
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