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I think one of these lines should be said the next time any of you has sex.

So James and I were chatting and started our chat room antics again. God we are so silly. Prior to James coming in, Brad and I were talking about masturbation: who I masturbate to, if I'd ever masturbate to Brad and so on. Of course James comes in at the right time and the whole thing got started. Below is an excerpt of the conversation. Use the quotes if you want:

malice. = Me, coincidence = Brad, prelate = James

malice.: I must be bi then, because I'd so do Angelina Jolie.
malice.: //bashful
coincidence: do you masturbate to her
malice.: And, no Brad.
coincidence: do you masturbate to me?
coincidence: i always jack off to chrissy
malice.: No I only masturbate to thoughts of certain people.
coincidence: i wish i was one of those people
malice.: It's usually someone that I've done stuff with.
coincidence: would you ever wana do something with me
malice.: Or someone that I've talked about doing stuff with.
prelate: -coughs-
malice.: Hello James.
prelate: hi
malice.: What a shitty greeting.
malice.: Don't ever apply for a job at Walmart.
prelate: i was too busy fantasizing you fantasizing about me
shiivers: walmart rocks
malice.: Haha James.
malice.: I fantasize about you all the time.
prelate: i know this
malice.: And we quote Eddie Izzard during orgasms.
malice.: 'AHH FOUND YOU! FLAG!"
prelate: "oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! hoooocha hooocha hoooocha! LOBSTERRRRRRRR!"
malice.: Hahahahaha!
malice.: *high 5*
prelate: -high 5-
malice.: Oh man.
malice.: Next time I get laid.
malice.: I am so quoting him in bed.
prelate: "that's it! yes! yesssss! i have french loaffffff!"
coincidence: chrissy you can get laid any time you want
zuruckzumir: are you really ? a cookie ?
malice.: Hahaha.
malice.: A donut.
malice.: Ass.
malice.: "Oh yeah! Give it to me! Now I have to go because my grandmother is on fire."
prelate: "oh baby talk dirty to me in french!" "le singe conduit l'autobus"
malice.: Haha.
malice.: "Harder! Harder! No, I don't think it's supposed to go AROUND THAT WAY!"
prelate: hahaha!
prelate: "oh yes! oh yes! oh yes dr. heimlich!"
malice.: "I'm your husband for fuck's sake!"
prelate: "oh god oh god! did you fuck my wiiiiife?!"
prelate: "i AM your wife"
malice.: Hahahahaha!
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