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Something's wrong with Jim's basement.

Last night was fucking random. But, let me start with the day first.

I went to work. It was alright. I thought I was going to get out early but then I remembered that I told Jamie I'd help her with her rabies filing. I got out at about 3:30 and went home to shower. As soon as I got home, I showered because Jim said he wanted to go eat at like 5. So, I rushed my ass for nothing. I was sitting there drying my hair when he called. He's like "We're not going to eat till 7." And I was like ahh what the fuck! It's ok, though. At least I was ready to go. Jim and I went to Neshaminy first. I wanted to go to Hot Topic because they had a Cheshire Cat bag and a couple shirts I wanted. I only found one of the shirts from the website, but then I found a different shirt. It has Alice on it and it says "I've changed so many times since this morning." It just reminded me of the night of Jim's last party and how I changed four times that night. Tnen I found my bag and a few other things. I saw a ceramic Cheshire Cat bank. If anyone's thinking about getting me a present...hint hint.

We saw Alex at the mall. Which reminds me. Jim told her he'd call her and I don't think he did. After we went to the mall, we went to the mall. Jim wanted to go to the Dynasty Buffet. So we met Shannon, Kyle, Mark, Scrappy, Burke and Paula there. Burke and Paula went to Wendys because Burke can't eat Chinese. After that we went into Mills. Jim chilled in Time Out while we tried to find girl pants for Scrappy. Then they decided they wanted to go to Sam Ash. I hate that place. I went in, played with some stuff, and left to go find Jim. Jim was basically the whole reason I was out last night. I mean it was his last day here (I know he's coming back next weekend but it still feels weird with him not being there). I walked past the pet shop thingy and saw a kid with a visor in there and realized it was Jim. So we checked out all the sad and depressed animals. They look like shit in that store. They're all dirty and poo covered. I could never buy a dog or cat from a pet shop, because then I'd have to buy them all. They look so mistreated, it's sad.

After we met up with everyone, we went out into the parking lot to decide what we were going to do. Scrappy and Mark went to get beer, and then we were supposed to meet everyone back at the park. Jim took me back to his house so we could pee and then Jim and I got caught up in conversation with Jim's mom. Not that I have a problem with that. I love talking to Jim's mom. Apparently Jim has another extra bone. It's in his arm. Somehow he managed to fracture it, but it's so small that there's no way they can cast it. I found it pretty comical. Eventually Jim and I made it back outside and saw no one at the park, so we went to get gas. Jim made me go in to pay and the guy that was working there loved my shirt. Aside from Trish, who wouldn't? The Cheshire Cat rules. It was weird because we got back to the park and 2 minutes later Kyle, Shannon, and Burke pulled up. Then 2 minutes after that, Mark, Scrappy, and Werm pulled up. Werm knew some guy that was having a party at his place, so we decided to go.

This had to have been the most random party I've ever been to. It was this kid Steve Miller's house. Don't know him, don't care. A party's a party. I didn't get to drink, though. Not that I really wanted to being as how I was sick. There was this kid Frank there who was weird as shit. At one point he came downstairs with a pad stuck to his shirt and called it a neck tie. Steve cut his hand somehow and some other kid cut his hand somehow. They were wiping the blood on Frank's pad. The most random thing of all was when Steve and this chick Alli were making out on the deck and Frank climbed on the railing. The side rail couldn't take the weight and they all fell off. Frank hit first, then Steve, then Alli landed on top of him. Other than all that, the party was pretty beat. We left about 2:30. Headed back to Mark's house for a helf hour and then Jim and I went back to his house where I couldn't fucking sleep. I kept coughing my lungs off. I think I went to sleep about 6.
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